Drake State is a two year college training students for current and future employment in technical, industrial and vocational careers. Most of the programs offer options for an associate of technology degree or a certificate program allowing for immediate entry into the workforce. 

The college is divided into five different divisions: Business and Information Technology, Engineering Technology, Manufacturing and Applied Technology, Salon Management & Culinary Arts/Hospitality Services Management and Health Sciences.  Additionally, though an Associate Degree in General and Transitional Studies is not available, this division provides the general education support in the areas of English, Math, Reading and Science necessary for students of the college to establish the foundation for success in their chosen program of study. 

The Business and Information Technology Division is comprised of those programs which prepare graduates for entry into the fields of office management, computer software systems and accounting. 

In the Engineering Technology Division the focus is on disciplines which are related to engineering such as mechanical or architectural drawing and design, computer hardware and microcontrollers, electricity and industrial systems as well as robotics operation and maintenance. 

Graduates in the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Division have prepared to enter careers in heating and air conditioning service, automotive systems, welding, and machine tool. 

The Salon Management & Culinary Arts/Hospitality Services Management Division prepares students for careers related to service industries. Drake State provides training to students who desire to enter the field of cosmetology as a salon owner, cosmetologist, barber, or nail technician. The Culinary Arts/Hospitality Services Management provides graduates for the hospitality industry. The Culinary Arts program concentrates on food preparation techniques, and restaurant management, while the Hospitality Services Management option of the program emphasizes restaurant and hotel management. 

The Health Sciences division is one of the largest divisions of the college. This division is responsible for the training of students seeking their license as a practical nurse or a nursing assistant. Recently added to this division is the Medical Assisting Program which combines clinical and administrative skills to prepare graduates to work in a physician’s office or medical clinic.